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Lennart Cole was born in Gelsenkirchen on May 9, 1962.
As a child he devoured books, wrote little stories, song lyrics and prose. 
At school, he was credited with a very pronounced imagination and creativity, which was not always an advantage.
Lennart Cole has been working as a freelance consultant and coach in various fields for over 30 years. 
Lennart Cole was co-founder of a "music company" in 2002, wrote lyrics between 2002 and 2016, produced some CDs, a DVD for other artists and realized music videos.
In 2005 the first book by Lennart Cole was published, in 2015 the second followed.
For Lennart Cole, the human being is at the center of his observations and his work.

Lennart Cole`s great loves

Lennart Cole's great loves are literature, music and film. One of Lennart Cole's dreams is to make books as music audible and tangible, as if you were sitting in a movie.
He realized this dream in 2003 by setting some scenes from his first book to music. Unfortunately, it has so far remained a sketch.
Book scenes as music:

He interweaves the themes of people, society, politics, religion, nature, philosophy and myhology in a special way.

Quotes from Lennart Cole:

"To reach the tip of an iceberg, you have to dive deep." -(C) Lennart Cole

"The snow of yesterday is the water of tomorrow." -(C) Lennart Cole

"We humans must learn that the only country in which we live is called Planet Earth. -(C) Lennart Cole

"We are not committed to one culture or one country. We are committed to life." (C) Lennart Cole

"You come to seek, you go to find." -quotation from "The Wanderer of Latter Times" (C) Lennart Cole

"No one is German, American, Chinese, Asian, African or Russian by nature. Everyone is human by nature." -(C) Lennart Cole-

"All we encounter in life are possibilities." (C) Lennart Cole

"When a man wants to touch the heart of a woman, there is something in between that makes his undertaking very difficult. Breasts?" (C) Lennart Cole

Book projects and plans for 2019 - 2025

1. Life Love Lust -Three wondrous puzzle pieces-
Planned publication 18.09.2020 - as eBook in German language
The English version is scheduled to be published by the end of 2020.

2. stories without time - "change without utopias
 Planned publication approx2021 -E-Book-

3. the guards of the balance -Romanreihe-
   Planned publication for part 1 approx 2022


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