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The Three "L" Lives Love Lust "- eBook planned end 2022

Release is planned for the end of 2022. The Three "L" Lives Love Lust -Three Wondrous Puzzle Pieces-. The new eBook from Lennart Cole.

Experience it very closely how a man grows up, matures and experiences partnership, love and sexuality in his life phases. A deep, entertaining and at the same time humorous look into the male soul with head cinema guarantee.

"With the novel "life love desire" it does not only concern a novel, or development novel. This novel goes still further. It comes along also as a lewd idea councellor, without requirement on it a special book to want to be, because for it this book is simply too humorous and too unterhaltsam. The novel's main character tells erotic stories in several episodes - from child to teenager to adult. These stories reveal sensual secrets, break taboos and open up many a new perspective. 
Last but not least, it should not go unmentioned that as a reader one may look deeply into a growing, maturing male soul."

"What moves a man in the course of his physical, mental and spiritual development. How does he experience sexuality, closeness, partnership in the phases of his life. A maturing process of the main character is described. Essential are the observations, emotions and experiences of the main character about his partners and himself, which are essentially driven by eroticism. 
A man who, in the course of his life, searches for ways to put together the three wondrous puzzle pieces of life, love and lust, to harmonize with each other, but without losing his sense of humor".


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