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The Guardians of Libra -Publication approx in 2023 Part 1-

In his "preliminary foreword" to the novel, "The Guardians of Libra", Lennart Cole reveals a little of the mystery behind this exciting story, which will be published in several parts.
He would like to let us already now dive a little into a world that follows a deep sense and whose exciting story is permeated by this sense.

Preliminary foreword by Lennart Cole 
-The Guardians of the Balance- "Publication approx. 2023".

Some stories are not invented, they are found by you, or even born into you. This story occupied me from my childhood on, inspired my imagination and demanded my imagination, but also my feelings and mind in all the years that had passed. The attempt to write it down failed one time or another. When I finally dared to write the beginning of the story and the first book was published, I was in doubt 
I was without much hope that anyone else would be interested.

However, many readers approached me on my first attempt and asked me what had happened before and what would happen after and often noticed that there are so many stories in one book that take so much effort to connect them, but the story is clearly too short and worth revising here and there. What one disliked, the other liked, what was too deep for one was not deep enough for the other.
As a self-critical reader of my books, however, I was unable to revise the story, or somehow make it appear in a new guise.
It was this part of the story that had come to me, I could not have done more with it at that time.
However, I could only be astonished by the statements and the interest of the readers, but I did not have any answers, because my imagination did not allow for either the before or the after, as if I only had fragments in my mind, which was not able to organize them. The questions about this story, however, were always present in the further course of my life.
Some stories are not invented, some stories are found by you, and so I was drawn further and further back into ancient times, supported by deep, moving experiences. From week to week, from month to month, from year to year the story became more and more clear and understandable. The chaos within me was ordered, experiences filled gaps with overwhelming insights and so the words grew out of me to the pictures.
As beings searching for meaning, as I would call us human beings, I wanted to write down this story not only with joy, at least for me, but also to understand the meaning as completely as possible before.
2013 then my life was suddenly turned upside down in all things, but the questions which, as mentioned, always accompanied me, came into my life as answers in this phase.
So in 2013 I wrote the version of the "Prologue" about the beginning of all things.
"The One", came alive in me, like someone with whom you sit at the table and talk about life over a good glass of wine. I had an encounter that deeply moved me, but not only that, it penetrated history, even to a large extent it provided proof for me.
I wrote the epilogue as a result. "I am a grain of sand in the sea of tides and yet I am its fortress.....
All this together made me write the "slogan" of history a few days ago. This "slogan" came to me, as this story, the answers, the encounter came to me, which were overwhelmingly simple and simply sudden, without struggle, without wrestling.
"Nothing truly ends"
The worry, however, whether I will find the time to complete this story before the end of my life, that remains, because it cannot be told in short, concise words, not even in a few hundred pages.
Surely a story written by an author is always inadequate, colored by fortune, incapacity, or a limited view of things. Many things color one's own experience, many things may seem presumptuous, many things arise from current events.
So those who get involved in this story have to live with it, but perhaps it simply has charm when this story, as a written book or audio book, finds its way to you, just as it has found me from childhood on as an unwritten work piece by piece.
To avoid speculation, I ask for indulgence with science, whose first rule is to prove what they claim, or claim to find specific evidence.
This story is free from the need to prove anything, but it also lives from the fact that unlike a scientist who enters a jungle, the author is not only allowed to determine the age of the existing trees, not only dig to find the past as matter, but goes even deeper into the realm of myth. All this is fertilized, even if some things may seem contradictory from the point of view of the current knowledge, on which new knowledge will surely follow.

Thus "The One", "The 13", the community "The Guardians of the Libra", "The Green" are components of history from the beginning of time. Others are components of the development on "Naneth Ereth", the name of the planet on which this story takes place, which translated means something like "Mother Earth".
Thus the planet did not give birth to everything itself, but was also fertilized by "that which was".

The sine line in the logo of the book also has its deeper meaning, as a cycle of light and darkness that alternates over thousands of years. A perpetual battle, with very exciting events and very different protagonists and antagonists in the changing times.

I dedicated a lot of attention to this fact, because the change of light and darkness is outwardly omnipresent, pursues a deeper meaning as cause and effect in all that is born, lives or is connected with this planet.

The spiritual aspect can be experienced in what happens on "Naneth Ereth". It penetrates this planet spiritually, materially and becomes obvious in its actions.

The fight between light and darkness is burning from the beginning of time, reaches in different forms the present, which draws a future.

"Light and darkness do not come over us, as if something is the perpetrator and we are the victims. No, because light and dark are our hearts, minds and souls that make the difference, from one cycle to the next."

This version of the novel "The Guardians of Libra" is the original version I started writing in 2017.
I wish you much joy in immersing yourself in a story that sees our world with different eyes from the beginning to the near future.

(C) Lennart Cole
-Author, copywriter-


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