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Stories without time -published around 2021-

Preface -Extract-
We live in a very exciting time. Terms like climate change, pandemic, an ever increasing gap between rich and poor, wars for raw materials, refugees, climate refugees have become a great challenge. 
In my book I would like to give a different perspective on our world. With this book I would like to make clear the wonder as well as the responsibility and importance of each individual human being.
It is my interpretation, of creation, life, man, fertilized by well-known religious writings, mythologies, Kaballah, philosophies and long years of thought, in which I wanted to find answers to questions myself.
The book is divided into four main parts, each of which deals with the themes of man and planet earth. 
It deals with the past, the present and also gives a view of an uncertain future. Uncertain, because it is a question of how everyone decides for us.

We are people of the 21st century, a species that seeks to have more than to be, and has poured this kind of being into a system that spans the world. 
-Lennart Cole-

-The book will be published around 2021-.